The Yeast Bay - Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend

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Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend

Brettanomyces blend that balances fruit and funk characters with acidity

Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend: This blend combines Brettanomyces strains isolated from a unique beer produced in the Lochristi area in East Flanders. One strain provides a moderate funk and light fruitiness, while the other strain adds a more assertive fruitiness dominated by hints of strawberry. This blend also imparts a pleasant acidity over time that helps to balance out the profile of the finished beer. It can be slow to start up.


Attenuation: 80%+

Flocculation: Medium - Low

Optimum Ferm Temp: 21 - 27ºC


Liquid Yeasts are shipped with ice in an insulated bag. We recommend using express post to ensure that the yeast arrives in peak condition.

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