Stainless Ball Valve Port Assembly 1/2 BSP

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1/2 BSP Stainless Ball Valve Port Assebly

This ball valve is sold as a complete assembly so all you have to do is drill your 20mm hole in your keg, pot or vessel wall and you can fit this ball valve. This is a full port ball valve with a 14mm bore which allows maximum flow rate through the ball valve. The valve comes with Teflon tape already on the nipple, a silicon o-ring which is seated in the ½” BSP nut. The seat in the nut prevents the o-ring from rolling out of place when tightening. The 1/2” BSP Male x 13mm Barb (part no. 5700 shown in the picture to the left) can be fitted to the ball valve so you can attach any 11-14mm ID type hose (such as our silicon hose part no. 5496) On the inside of the vessel the ½” BSP nipple usually protrudes approximately 16mm meaning you can attach an elbow to the inside of the vessel so it draws from the bottom.

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