Morgans Starter Kit

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The Brew Cellar Starter Kit has all you need to start brewing quality beer.

 Don't forget If you have purchased one of these kits from us feel free to ring us on 02 9533 5952 if you questions or problems.

The Brew Cellar Starter Kit Contains: 1 x 30lt Fermenter, 1 x 1.7kg Beer Kit, 1 x Dextrose Pack, 1 x Hydrometer and Test Tube, 1 x Digital Thermometer, 1 x Bottle Filler, 1 x Stiring Paddle, 1 x Sediment Reduction Tap, 1 x Air Lock, 1 x 250ml Sanitiser, 1 x Pack Carbonation Drops, 1 x Bottle Brush, 30 PET Bottles and Instructions.

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