Mangrove Jack's M15 Empire Ale Yeast

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Mangrove Jack's M15 Empire Ale

Suitable for Scottish Heavy Ales, American Amber Ales, Sweet Stouts and more.

Mangrove Jack's M15 Empire Ale Yeast

A top-fermenting ale yeast suitable for a variety of full bodied ales, with exceptional depth. Ferments with full, rich dark fruit flavors. Higher alcohol beers will tend to be slightly too sweet and heavy due to the moderate attenuative capabilities of the strain although a lower mash temperature may help the fermentability and lower the final gravity.


Ideal Fermentation Temperature: 18 to 22°C

Attenuation: 70 - 75%

Flocculation: Medium-High


OG 1.030-1.039: 0.55 g/L

OG 1.040-1.049: 0.70 g/L

OG 1.050-1.059: 0.90 g/L

OG 1.060-1.070: 1.50 g/L

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