High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump

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High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump

Food Grade!

High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump

High Quality Construction.

Magnetic Drive and Food Grade means it has many benefits in the brewery:

•Won't aerate your wort, helping to reduce Hot Side Aeration.
•The magnetic drive acts as a clutch so back pressure can be applied (eg a valve to slow the flow) without damaging the pump.
•Being magnetic drive, only the food grade plastic pump head comes in contact with your wort.
The head is made from food grade plastic rated up to 120C so it is ideal for transferring hot wort and other liquids around your brewery.

Only a fraction of the price of a March Pump!


RPM: 2800

Voltage: 220-240V AC, 50-60Hz

Max Head: 3.4m

Max Flow: 19L per minute

Wiring: Not wired. You must add a plug.

Bracket: Steel Mounting Bracket Included.

Note the pump is not self priming which means it needs to be mounted below the level of the liquid source.

This pump only draws 1.1 Amp!


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