Gladfield American Ale Malt

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American Ale Malt
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Gladfield’s American Ale Malt

Gladfield’s American Ale Malt

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Gladfield’s American Ale Malt is perfect for brewers who have found that our regular Ale Malt adds too much of a malty, toasted flavour profile to certain beer styles. This base malt has been made from plump low protein Autumn 2-row barley varieties and then subjected to our traditional long cool germination period. The grains are then kilned using a special recipe that imparts a typical Ale colour for a cleaner, less toasted flavour. When brewed, this malt produces a vibrant, clean, yet solid hop-forward malt profile and is perfect for producing American-style beers. The American Ale Malt offers the brewer scope for innovation and the ability to create beers that are full of character and sophistication.

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