6 Way Gas Manifold

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6 Output / 6 Way Gas Line Manifold Splitter

These gas manifolds are rated to 100psi and include 6 gas line outputs and 6 x 1/4inch ball vales. This unit can be turned into a 7 way manifold by adding a 1/4 inch ball valve 

Multiple gas manifolds can be connected together using our 1/4 inch hex nipple (Part RET3741). This will enable you to make your manifold as large as you like. (shown to the left). You can also attach a Gas Ball Lock Post with 1/4 Inch Bulkhead Assembly (part 7087) if you want to be able to easily disconnect/reconnect a gas line.


- Made complete from aluminium, brass and stainless so they are durable.

- Includes screw holes at the top for easy mounting to your gas board.

- Each ball valve has a built in check valve to not only protect your regulator but also prevent gas or beer migrating from one keg to another

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