English Pale Ale All Grain Kit

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A very refreshing, full-flavoured pale beer of average strength - hoppy and fruity, featuring English pale malt character. Represents the full evolution of the Burton IPA style as a lower gravity, more refined beer, with reduced bitterness and dryness, in line with modern tastes.

This kit comes complete with malt, hops, yeast and kettle finings.

Aroma: Distinctive nutty, biscuity or toasty malt aroma from English pale malt. Prominent but refined hop aroma, which should be floral or fruity from UK varieties. Aggressive citrus hop aroma from modern US varieties out of style. Medium to high fruitiness, often pear. No diacetyl. No DMS.

Appearance: Deep gold to pale coppery orange. Bright clarity from extended bottle maturation. Medium to high carbonation should support a fluffy white head, with very good to excellent head retention.

Flavour: Signature English pale malt flavour, often described as nutty, biscuity, or light toffee. Caramel/crystal malt flavours absent. Medium to high fruitiness. Medium to high hop flavour from UK varieties should be very clean and refined - any harshness from excessive late or dry hopping should be penalized. Medium-high to high bitterness. May have a dry finish from sulphate water, but not essential. Bitterness may linger, but malt flavour should also persist in the aftertaste. No diacetyl.

Mouthfeel: Light-medium to medium body, from moderately high attenuation

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