Columbus Hops 100g

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Columbus is a high alpha acid variety mainly used for bittering.

Hop pellets come vacuum packed in a light-proof, resealable bag.

Product Origin : USA


Generally used for bittering due to very high alpha acid component. Has shown to be very aromatic as late hops in cask ales, with black pepper and licorice characteristics with subtle citrus overtones. Used in American Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts, and Barley Wines.

Columbus, Tomahawk and Zeus, the three hop varieties with very high alpha properties, were all produced at the same time and sold to different grower groups. It has since been proven that Columbus and Tomahawk are the same variety, with Zeus almost indistinguishable from the other.


Alpha Acid: 14 – 16%


Typical Usage: Bittering


Possible Substitutes: Chinook, Galena

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