Samuel Willards Melon Liqueur

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Samuel Willards Melon Liqueur in the style of Midori

Samuel Willards Melon Liqueur clear and brilliant green, this style of drink originated in Japan,where the word Midori means green. It’s great in drinks mixed with lemonade, fresh lemon, lime, pineapple or orange juice. sour mixer flavours balance its sweetness perfectly, especially over ice.

Samuel Willard’s 50 ml Liqueur range yeilds 1125 ml. when mixed. Add 50ml Sam Willards Melon Liqueur Essence to a 1125ml bottle. Then add 350ml Sam Willards Liqueur Base No.3 + 630ml alcohol @ 40%. Top up the 1125ml bottle with water. Shake the mixed ingredients well and enjoy.

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