Castle Vienna

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Castle Vienna    Wort color in EBC 4.0-7.0; Wort color in Lovibond 2.1-3.1

Castle Vienna:

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Features: Belgian Vienna Nature base malt. Lightly kilned at up to 85-90°C with shorter "cure" duration.

Usage: All organic beer styles, organic Vienna lager. To enhance colour and aroma of light organic beers. Up to 100% of the mix.

Characteristics: Imparts a richer flavour of malt and grain than Pilsen malt and adds subtle aromas of caramel and toffee. Château Vienna Nature malt is kilned at slightly higher temperatures than Pilsen Malt. As a result Château Vienna Nature malt gives a deeper golden colour to the beer increasing at the same time its body and fullness. Due to the higher kilning temperature, the enzyme activity of Château Vienna Nature malt is slightly lower than that of Pilsen Nature Malt. Nevertheless, our Château Vienna Nature malt has a sufficient enzymatic activity to be used in combination with large proportion of specialty malts.

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