Castle Black Malted Barley

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Castle Black Malted Barley 1200 - 1450 EBC / 450 - 545 Lovibond Equivalent To Weyermann: None

Castle Black Malted Barley Order grain per kg in quantity field, for orders under 1kg please use a decimal point - ie. for 100g enter .1 Please note for a 25kg purchase you will receive a 25kg bag Please note for a 12.5kg purchase you will receive a 12.5kg bag Features: Malt Black 1300 EBC. The darkest malted barley. Torrefied at up to 230°C. Usage: Very coloured beers, stouts and porters. 3 - 6% of the mix. Characteristics: Enhances the aroma of character beers by producing a more stringent flavour than other coloured malts. Imparts a slight burnt or smoky flavour.

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