Castle Abbey (Amber) Malt

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Castle Abbey (Amber) Malted Barley 41 - 49 EBC / 16 - 19 Lovibond

Equivalent To Weyermann None

Castle Abbey (Amber) Malted Barley

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Features: Belgian amber malt. Specially germinated and kilned at up to 110°C.

Usage: Pale ale beers, Abbey beers, brown porter and special beers, in a diverse range of British beers. Up to 10% of the mix.

Characteristics: Castle Abbey malt is a more toasted form of pale malt. Gives a strong taste of cooked bread, nuts and fruit. Has a bitter flavour which mellows on ageing, and can be quite intensely flavoured. Castle Abbey malt is typically used as a small proportion of the grist in the preparation of beers requiring substantial depth of colour.

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