Brew in a Bag Advanced Starter Kit

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Brew in a Bag Starter Kit.

- Crown Urn 40L with concealed element
- Wort Chiller + hoses and fitting
- All grain Pale Ale recipe pack with hops and yeast
- Stainless Steel Spoon
- Nylon Bag
- Stainless Steel Thermometer
- Instructions

All Grain Brewing using the BIAB (Brew in a Bag).


-          40L Crown Urn

-          Wort Chiller + hoses and fitting

-          All grain recipe pack

-          Stainless Steel Spoon

-          Nylon Brew Bag

-          Stainless Steel thermometer

In comparison to other full grain mash methods, brew in a bag offers the brewer a number of benefits over the traditional process. These benefits include…


-       One vessel trebles up as a hot liquor tank, mash tun and kettle (boiler).

-       BIAB offers a far lower equipment cost

-       Less equipment means less space needed and quicker clean-up

-       Less time investment making your fermentable wort

-       Quick and simple process

-       Produces as good a result as full mash brewing


The Recipe

This recipe included is for a Pale Ale style sufficient to make a 23L batch.

4.5 kg Pale Malt

400g Munich Malt

100g Crystal Malt

12g Pride of Ringwood hops

36g Cascade hops

1 x US-05 dry yeast

1 x Whirlfloc Tablet

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