Gladfieldn Toffee Malt

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Toffee Malt Lightly caramelized malt, low in colour. Unique to Gladfield Malt.

It is cream and vanilla candy-like sweetness with notes of honey and toffee,adding wonderful dessert like flavours, a chewy consistency, enhanced stability, body and mouth-feel.

Typical Beer Styles:
Pilsners, Lagers

We make our unique Toffee Malt by taking a lower to mid-range nitrogen winter or autumn barley variety, roasting the resulting malt at very low temperatures, and then caramelise the malt. The low temperature and slower roasting produces a malt with a very light colour, a chewy consistency, with honey or toffee flavours. Our Toffee Malt is very popular. Not only does it add a wonderful malty, honey toffee flavour to lighter coloured beers but it also enhances beer stability, body and mouth feel.

(max) %
- Fine Dry
Wort Colour
7.5 74 10 - 20 12
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