The Yeast Bay - Amalgamation (Out of Date)

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Amalgamation Blend (Out of Date)

100% Brettanomyces blend

Amalgamation is the union of our six favorite Brettanomyces isolates from our microbe library. Each isolate produces a unique bouquet of bright and fruity flavors and aromas, and the combination of all of them into one blend results in the coalescence of these unique flavors and aromas into something truly special. Expect this blend to create a dry beer with a bright and complex fruit-forward flavor and aroma, accompanied by some funk on the palate.


Attenuation: 85%+

Flocculation: Low

Optimum Ferm Temp: 21 - 27ºC


Liquid Yeasts are shipped with ice in an insulated bag. We recommend using express post to ensure that the yeast arrives in peak condition.

This Yeast has a best before date of //. The yeast is still viable, but we recommend the use of a starter to reach optimal pitching rates

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