EVA Fresh Beer/Gas Line - 4mm x 8mm - 1 metre

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4mm ID beer line to connect your keg to your beer tap or gun.

EVAFresh walled tubing is made with an EVA outter wall and also an inner proprietary polymer barrier. The 4mm ID x 8mm OD EVAFresh line provides brewers with the ability to use less line length between the keg and the tap due to its narrower internal diameter. We recommend 1.5m - 2m per tap for kegerators.

EVAFresh contains an inner barrier made from a proprietary polymer that provides excellent oxygen protection while preventing Co2 loss in your beverage.  Your beer will stay fresher for longer and not loose carbonation. With EVAFresh tubing you'll be able to keep the freshness in your beer and beverages, even if the liquid has been sitting in the line between pours.

EVAFresh has an internal surface that is incredibly smooth while remaining almost entirely impermiable to oxygen.  This unique quality makes it extremely difficult for bacteria and other microbes establish inside EVAFresh tubing.

This line can be used in conjuction with 6mm barbed fittings, but does require some effort and patience. For this reason, we recommend the use of John Guest push-in fittings when using the 4mm ID line.

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